Comfort is Optimal

Patient satisfaction has a basis of a singular ideal, comfort.
The comfort of a patient both physically and emotionally is important so that the patient can feel secure and trustworthy about the procedure. Satisfaction of a patient will be remembered through the experience of the patients visit, mainly the comfort of many factors including atmosphere, communication, understanding of the procedure and the overall process.

The comfort can be given off in an emotional manner meaning the communication and relation between the doctor and patient, the trust is important in order for comfort to ensue. It should also be created through a physical manner, the space in which the surgery is taking place should give off relaxing and calm feelings. The comfort of the patient will lead to optimal improvement of the patient’s satisfaction if it is followed through in emotional and physical matter.

The word surgery itself is enough to cause slight panic to any person. It creates a sense of distress thinking about the possible outcomes and other details such as cost. Therefore offering the patient an emotional basis of comfort will allow them to ease into the procedure and console some of their previous worries.

If a patient knows that they have support from the medical team they are requesting services from then they’re comfort about the procedure will occur. Even if they have support from external sources such as family knowing that the professionals in charge of the procedure are emotionally connecting with them they will be more satisfied with going through the procedure and feel better secured afterwards as well.

Reassurance and guidance is an optimal tool that will guarantee better accounts of satisfaction from the patients. But along with emotional support the physical support offered is also important.

The ambiance of the office or prepared area will greatly affect the patient’s comfort level. Having a comfortable and secure feeling space to wait in before the surgery is important so that the patient can prepare themselves and allow themselves to become acquainted with the space.

If they feel comfortable with the space they are surrounded by they will begin to become satisfied with the service they are receiving. And that satisfaction can continue to grow if the patient is met with comfort throughout the surgery with attentive service and constant communication.

If the patient is misinformed or confused at any time it will cause discomfort and less satisfaction. The patient wants to experience personal connection for satisfaction and just like another customer coming through for a surgery. Showing that the staff cares and is attentive about minor details will improve ghee patients mood therefore increasing satisfaction.

In conclusion the comfort of a patients visit is the optimal source from which satisfaction derives. In order to improve the patients satisfaction the comfort level of a patient needs to beom a higher scale. Both in a emotional and physical connection. Emotionally thru patient will need reassurance and guidance as well as support from the medical staff/team.

With support and guidance the patient will feel very secure in their surgery position and have higher levels of satisfaction during and after the procedure. In a physical manner the surrounding area of the patient before, after and during the surgery should be comforting and relaxing so the patient can feel more at ease about the nervous procedure. The comfort of the patient will lead to optimal improvement of the patient’s satisfaction if it is followed through in emotional and physical matter.

2016 Scholarship Finalist

Adriana V

Murrieta, California

The final question on the application was an essay question.
The essay question was:

How can orthopedic surgeons doing hip and knee replacement surgery improve patient satisfaction?

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