Everyday of our lives we are faced with obstacle that we have to overcome and we can not avoid them. When I was a Senior in high school my family and I went through many changes and decisions.

One of the decisions that our family made was moving my Grandma Eleanor from her NewYork home to a home closer to us in Maryland, so that we can support her, visit her and keep her company.

My senior year my grandma had to to also get Hip Replacement. This made my Grandma and my mother nervous. I knew that my job in this was to pray and to support my Grandmother before, through and after this process.

After my Grandma got hip surgery she had to recover at a rehabilitation home. My Grandmother’s friends from NewYork were very supportive as well, by sending her get well cards, flowers and making several calls while she was in the rehabilitation home just to say hello. My family and I visited my grandma everyday and got to know the rehabilitation staff very well.

By doing this we were certifying that they would treat my Grandma correctly and that they would help her as much as she needed it. Somedays when we visited we would take her in her wheel chair and allow her to get some fresh air. Each day with our support and positive words we saw her grow and recover each day little by little. From being able to get in her own chair, taking little steps, using a cane, to being able to walk even better than before.

After you have surgery the doctors often give you medicine and tell you different things in order to get better. Sometimes you recover and you make a wonderful comeback and sometimes its harder. Some people need that cheerleader to support them to help them push on. Thats exactly what my family and I did.

By my grandma being nervous and scared we knew that we had to be strong even when we didn’t want to. Though it was hard I think our encouraging words and Us being there for her when she needed us the most help her recover stronger than ever.

By us being there we didn’t completely erase the pain but we distracted the pain temporarily with our words and bringing joy to her face.

Before my Grandmother got her hip surgery she met the surgeons and other people in the hospital who would be helping with he process. My grandmother raved about how sweet they were and how happy they were at all times. This made my grandma trust them and it made her feel not as nervous as she was going into the surgery.This is what brings me to my point.

Orthopedic surgeons can improve patients satisfaction by having a great and supportive personality. By dong this you are easing the pain that is there that is making them nervous while going into this. I’m not saying to become the patients best friend, but I am saying to be as supportive as you can be because not every patient has a family there for them like my family.

When you support your patients you allow them to trust you and they will recommend you to others. By being supportive you make your job more enjoyable and you encourage the patient not to worry.

I was so worried about my Grandmother going into her surgery but after I prayed and I met some of the hospital staff I got a warm and fuzzy feeling. The hospital even had a seminar for people who would be getting hip surgery or where thinking about getting surgery in order to get them over the big scary word surgery. Its been two years since my Grandmas Surgery and she is moving and walking better than ever before.

I know that if it wasn’t for the Doctors and my family support I don’t think my Grandma would be the way she is know. That is why the satisfaction will improve if you support your patients always now and future.

2016 Scholarship Finalist

Taylor M

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

The final question on the application was an essay question.
The essay question was:

How can orthopedic surgeons doing hip and knee replacement surgery improve patient satisfaction?