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Dr. Karkare has multiple offices stretching thoughout Long Island New York, from Manhattan to Riverhead. He is a highly trained specialist in hip and knee replacement surgeries for men, women and children.

Orthopedic Services & Procedures Performed by Dr. Nakul Karkare

Preparing for Surgery

Checklist for surgery

After Surgery

recovering after hip or knee surgery

Portrait picture of Dr. Nakul Karkare I am Dr Nakul V Karkare; an orthopedic surgeon specialized in limb reconstruction and joint replacement surgery.

I have multiple offices stretching thoughout Long Island New York, from Manhattan to Riverhead, and I specialize in hips and knee procedures for men, women and children.

I specialize in all aspects of Limb reconstruction. Joint replacement is a surgical procedure performed to replace the damaged joint with the artificial implants.

I offer the best possible treatment and utmost care to each individual to restore freedom of movement and relieve the pain of diseased and degenerated joints.

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