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Dr. Karkare and a patient

After a womans knee replacement (done by another doctor) became infected and she almost lost her leg, a woman came to see Dr. Karkare.

After the initial examination, Dr. Karkare scheduled and performed a total knee replacement surgery that not only saved her leg, but the story was then featured on the CBS evening news here in New York.

NY Post – Robotic Hip Replacement

New York Post mentions Dr. Karkare in a story a couple of weeks ago. The story talks about Bill Butler, a first responder on Sept. 11, 2001, who suffered debilitating pain for years afterward. He finally underwent a successful double-hip replacement assisted by a...

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Younger Patients are Having Joint Replacement Surgery

News 12 Long Island ran a featured story last week, featuring Dr. Karkare and a patient. Here's the video... And here's a transcription of the story... Announcer: On the health beat, the number of people having joint replacement surgery at younger ages is on the rise....

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News 12 Long Island

A new study found that people who live a sedentary lifestyle are at risk for arthritis and other painful conditions at a younger age. Denis Courtney, a patient of Dr. Karkare who has arthritis, got knee replacement surgery at just 41 years old. His story was featured...

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WFMZ New Jersey

This is the story of Joanne Welsch, a 72 year old nurse that had a hip replacement performed by another surgeon. After she ran into complications with frequent hip dislocation, she came to Dr. Karkare, who was able to solve the problem. You can see the full story...

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CBS New York

It used to be that doctors would warn young patients with hip or knee arthritis that their joint replacement might only last 10 or 15 years, that meant having the surgery re-done for a 40 or 50-year-old with painful joints.  That’s what happened to one 9/11 hero. Dr....

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KSAT Texas – Hips in the News

This is the story of how Dr. Karkare helped a woman after her procedure with another surgeon did not work out so well. Joanne needed a new hip. Doctors replaced her old joint with a titanium stem-and ball and socket, but although she was careful to follow what doctors...

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ABC in Cedar Rapids Iowa

Seventy-two year old Joanne Welsch is a nurse and was on her feet all the time, until her hip started to hurt. Joanne needed a new hip. Doctors replaced her old joint with a titanium stem-and ball and socket, and she was careful to follow what doctors call hip...

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ABC News in Huntsville Alabama

A hip replacement patient of Dr. Karkare named Joanne Welsch was in a news story about her hip dislocation. Joanne's hip dislocated, not just once, but three times over a period of months. Dr.  Karkare met Joanne in a New York hospital after the third dislocation and...

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Dr. Karkare Helps Woman Avoid Leg Amputation

After a womans knee replacement (done by another doctor) became infected and she almost lost her leg, a woman came to see Dr. Karkare. After the initial examination, Dr. Karkare scheduled and performed a total knee replacement surgery that not only saved her leg, but...

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Huffington Post

The Huffington Post mentions Dr. Karkare appears in this article earlier this year. The author Marjorie Hope Rothstein wrote: I came across Dr Karkare, a New York-based orthopedic surgeon, and was absolutely staggered when I saw the array of procedures that surgeons...

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Central PA Website

The website for Central Pennsylvania also picked up the national story of Dr. Karkare's patient, Judy Tacktill. Judy was on her feet shortly after surgery and home a day later. Six weeks post-surgery, she uses a cane only when walking outside on uneven ground. She’s...

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ABC News in Fresno CA

The custom knee surgery story of Dr. Karkares patient was on television in Fresno California last week. The reporter there that did the story was Margot Kim, and they've allowed us to embed the story...

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WFMV in Allentown PA

Reporter Melanie Falcon, at WFMV in Allentown PA reported the story also, about Dr. Karkare's patient Judy Tactil, who started struggling to get around almost seven years ago. You can watch the entire segment on the TV stations website...

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ABC – San Antonio Texas, KSAT

Dr. Karkare's patient was interviewed for a news segment in San Antonio Texas a couple of weeks ago. The story is told by reporter Leslie Muton. You can see the...

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NBC Affiliate KDFX – Texas & Oklahoma

The story of Judy Tactil, Dr. Karkare's patient, seems to be gaining popularity. It was recently shown on KFDX, an NBC-affiliated television station serving Wichita Falls, Texas and Lawton, Oklahoma. You can see their TV reporter Darren Molin explain in the video...

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Columbus Ohio | ABC Affiliate WTVM Channel 9

Last week a news item about Dr. Karkare's patient Judy Tactil made it's way to Columbus Ohio, on the website for ABC Affiliate WTVM Channel 9. More than 700,000 Americans have knee replacement surgery every year to eliminate chronic pain from worn out joints, and...

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NBC – South Bend Indiana – WNDU

Dr. Karkare was on the  "Maureens medical moment segment, for NBC affiliate WDNU in Indiana. In the segment, host Maureen McFaddedn covers the new two-pronged approach that is helping patients get back on their feet faster than ever before. You can watch the entire...

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CBS – Anchorage AK

A segment with Dr. Karkare was shown on CBS affiliate KTVA, in Anchorage Alaska on channel 11. The reporter doing the voiceover in the segment is Megan Mazurek. We don't have the whole video, but you can see it...

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NBC News – KMIR Palm Springs

Last month Dr. Karkare was on the news in Palm Springs, and here's the video that was sent to us by the TV station... Here is the transcript of the video: Speaker 1: First in the Coachella Valley. You're watching KMIR TV Palm Springs, where the news comes first....

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CBS News – WFRV Green Bay

A patient of Dr. Karkare talks about her knee replacement, as she and the doctor appear in this segment that aired in June of 2016 for a CBS affiliate in Green Bay Wisconsin. Here's the transcript of the video: Reporter(s): In Health Watch, Chelly Boutott shows us the...

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Fox News – KKFX TV

Last week I was interviewed by TV anchor/reporter Tony Cabrera of KKFX News, in California. The TV station added my video on their YouTube channel, and here's the segment in its entirety, coming from the KKFX Facebook page. I enjoyed the entire experience, and I'd...

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Quoted in Blogher.com

Blogger, Joshua Hill, on Blogher, a widely read website on the internet, recently quotes Dr. Karkare in an article. To help yourself be mentally prepared, you can ask your doctor different questions ringing in your mind. Things like “How long is the surgery going to...

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Catholic Health Services Interview

Dr. Karkare was interviewed by Catholic Health Services of Long Island, talking about hip & knee replacement surgery.  Are you looking to increase your mobility, decrease the pain in your hips or knees and improve your quality of life? Well then, you may be a...

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USF – Morsani College of Medicine

Dr. Karkare is also in an article at the University of South Florida, for the Morsani College of Medicine. The article was called "The Digital MD - Part 1 Embrace the Change" and discusses the advantages and changes in technology when it comes to health care. From the...

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Feb 2016 at Stack.com

Dr. Karkare was quoted in a feature titled "Hydration for Athletes: 4 Tips You Need to Know at Stack.com. From the article: Every athlete knows to drink plenty of water. But how much? When? Is Gatorade a substitute, or should you drink just water? This knowledge is...

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Jan 2016 – Harcourt Health News

In January, Harcourt Health News interviewed Dr. Karkare for their article about questions to ask a surgeon. All of the questions they have in the article are the same things Dr. Karkare discusses with his patients.    ...

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