New York State Medical Treatment Guidelines for Treatments for asthma in workers compensation patients

The guidelines formulated by the New York State Workers Compensation Board aim to assist healthcare professionals in providing appropriate treatments for asthma.

Designed for medical practitioners, these Workers Compensation Board guidelines offer support in determining the right course of action for individuals with asthma.

It’s crucial to note that these guidelines do not replace clinical judgment or professional experience. The final decision on treatments for asthma should be a collaborative one, involving the patient and their healthcare provider in consultation.

Managing and Mitigating Asthma Complications: Key Measures

1. Immunization:

  • Pneumococcal Pneumonia and Influenza Vaccinations:
    • Highly Recommended: Ensuring immunization against pneumococcal pneumonia and influenza is strongly advised.

2. Additional Recommendations:

  • Monitoring for Acute Flare-Ups:
    • Guided Vigilance: Regular monitoring for acute flare-ups is essential for prompt intervention and control.
  • Aggressive Management of Respiratory Infections:
    • Proactive Approach: Taking assertive measures in managing respiratory infections is crucial to prevent exacerbations.
  • Specific Management of Allergic/Irritant Co-Morbidities:
    • Tailored Approach: Implementing specific management strategies for co-existing allergic/irritant conditions in the upper respiratory tract, such as rhinitis, sinusitis, and GERD, is recommended.



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