Patient is an 85 year old male who presented with a dislocated left knee tumor prosthesis. Patient was 3 months post-operative left Tumor Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) Reconstruction. Patient required surgery to prevent additional dislocations of the tumor prosthesis.

During this procedure we first perform a reduction, then remove the earlier plastic and hinge, and then replace the previous prosthesis with a larger polyethylene spacer, which increases the size of the plastic component of the prosthesis, making it more stable.

Tumor Prosthesis 1

X-Rays show Left Total Knee Prosthesis and dislocated knee

Tumor Prosthesis 2

Intraoperative films show well reduced knee with thicker plastic component

Patient presented post-operatively feeling great improvement, had good range of motion, and was weight bearing as tolerated. Patient was advised to have an aspiration of the left knee to check for infection.

Results of aspiration came back negative for infection and patient has not had any difficulties with the prosthesis since the surgery. Patient will follow up periodically, or as needed, to monitor the prosthesis.

*Patient identifiers and dates changed to protect patient privacy.

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