Patient is a 50-year-old female who came in with acute left hip pain that she had been experiencing since she received a left Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) two years ago at an outside facility. The patient stated that she also had a history of osteoarthritis in the left hip joint.

Patient was advised to receive blood work and an aspiration of the left hip, which came back positive for infection. To resolve the infection and the acute pain, the patient had to undergo a reconstruction surgery; however, the infection was caught in under 24 hours, so rather than performing a two staged reconstruction, only a one-staged reconstruction was necessary.

The one-staged reconstruction procedure only requires a plastic anabolic spacer in the head of the prosthesis.

Total Hip Arthroplasty 1

X-Rays show severe degenerative changes of the left hip joint including loss of joint space and deformity of left hip

Total Hip Arthroplasty 2

X-Rays show post-operative changes of left TKA with a new femoral head prosthesis

Upon follow-up patient presented with minimal discomfort or pain, had good range of motion, and was weight bearing as tolerated.

Patient was advised to have an aspiration of the left hip to check for infection, and results came back negative for infection. Patient has been doing well subsequently.

*Patient identifiers and dates changed to protect patient privacy.

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