Patient is a 55 year old male who came to us complaining of recurrent right hip prosthesis dislocation. Patient stated that this had been occurring since he had a right Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) a few years ago done at an outside institution. Patient had come in with severe pain and discomfort.

X-rays were reviewed at initial visit, as shown below. Options were discussed with the patient, and it was advised that he have a Right Hip Revision THA with a constrained liner due to recurrent the dislocations. Patient had decided to proceed with the procedure.

Right THA 1

X-Rays show Right THA prosthesis dislocation

Right THA 2

Intra-operative films of Right Hip Revision THA with a constrained liner

Right THA 3

X-Rays show THA prosthesis with good positioning

Upon follow-ups patient has had no pain, is weight bearing as tolerated, and has good range of motion. Patient is doing well subsequently.

*Patient identifiers and dates changed to protect patient privacy.

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