Patient is a 75 year old female who presents with bilateral knee pain She had substantially worse pain in the right knee progressively over the past 6 years. The pain has prohibited the patient from activities of daily living, recreational activities and gainful employment.

Patient tried non surgical treatment such as cortisone injections and outpatient physical therapy which both provided minimal relief as patients’ right knee is “bone on bone” requiring knee replacement. Films shown knee osteoarthritis with varus.

Inview of the poor bone quality and subluxation with varus, we felt a tibial stem was necessary for a long term outcome.

Right Total Knee Arthroplasty

Patient underwent a Right Total Knee Arthroplasty. Postoperative films revealed  normal bony texture. No destructive abnormalities, fracture or dislocation are present. Patient is a status post-right-sided arthroplasty with satisfactory position of the hardware Patient feels optimal relief and only required the standard outpatient postoperative physical therapy services. Range of motion and weight bearing are satisfactory.

Tibial tray with stem

The tibial stem as shown in the image above allows better stabilization and transmission of forces acting on the joint distally, thus reducing wear and tear of the polyethylene insert.

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