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Welcome to Dr. Nakul Karkare Orthopedic Center, your dedicated source for exceptional orthopedic care, conveniently serving both Patchogue and the vibrant community of Amagansett, New York. We are proud to be your trusted local orthopedic facility, committed to enhancing the well-being of residents and individuals in this thriving region.

At Dr. Nakul Karkare Orthopedic Center, our mission is clear: to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and state-of-the-art orthopedic care. We recognize the pivotal role that orthopedic health plays in your daily life.

Whether you’re on the journey to recovery from an injury, managing chronic musculoskeletal conditions, or seeking guidance on achieving and maintaining optimal orthopedic wellness, our expert team is here to guide you toward improved mobility and a life free from discomfort.

Our presence seamlessly connects Patchogue to Amagansett,, ensuring that you have convenient access to our exceptional orthopedic services. Through our informative blog and educational resources, we aim to empower you with valuable insights, the latest advancements in orthopedic treatments, and practical advice to help you lead an active and pain-free lifestyle.


We are pleased to provide an extensive range of orthopedic services tailored for Amagansett:

Custom Knee Replacement:

Who Would Benefit from Personalized Knee Replacement: Personalized knee replacement, also known as custom knee replacement, is typically recommended for individuals experiencing severe knee pain, stiffness, and swelling that significantly impede their daily activities and overall quality of life. Common underlying factors for this condition include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic injuries, or other degenerative knee joint disorders.

The Surgical Procedure: Custom knee replacement is an advanced surgical intervention in which the damaged knee joint is replaced with a precisely tailored artificial implant designed to match the patient’s unique anatomical structure. The process begins with the utilization of advanced imaging technology, which creates a detailed three-dimensional model of the patient’s knee joint. This model is then employed to craft a custom implant that perfectly fits the patient’s knee.

During the surgical procedure, the orthopedic surgeon meticulously removes the damaged joint and replaces it with the custom implant. The entire process is conducted under anesthesia to ensure the patient remains pain-free and comfortable throughout.

The Advantages: Custom knee replacement offers numerous advantages to patients, including:

  1. Pain Alleviation: One of the primary benefits is the relief from chronic knee pain. The custom implant is engineered to minimize discomfort, enabling patients to regain their mobility and return to their daily routines.
  2. Enhanced Mobility: Custom knee replacements enhance a patient’s range of motion, allowing for more natural movement in the knee joint.
  3. Improved Quality of Life: Patients frequently experience a substantial enhancement in their overall quality of life as they can once again engage in activities they had to forgo due to knee pain.
  4. Speedier Recovery: Custom knee replacements generally result in quicker recovery times compared to traditional knee replacement surgeries. The precision of the custom implant and minimally invasive surgical techniques can reduce post-operative pain and accelerate the rehabilitation process.


Hip Replacement:

Who Would Benefit from Hip Replacement: Hip replacement is recommended for individuals dealing with severe hip pain, stiffness, and swelling that significantly impede their daily activities and quality of life. The most common causes of this condition include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, or hip fractures.

The Surgical Procedure: Hip replacement is a surgical procedure involving the replacement of a damaged hip joint with an artificial implant meticulously designed to replicate the natural structure and function of the hip joint, enabling patients to regain mobility and alleviate discomfort.

During the surgery, the orthopedic surgeon skillfully removes the damaged joint and replaces it with the artificial implant. Similar to knee replacement, this procedure is performed under anesthesia to ensure the patient’s comfort.

The Benefits: Hip replacement offers several advantages to patients:

  1. Pain Relief: The primary benefit is the relief from severe hip pain, enabling patients to regain their mobility and resume their daily activities.
  2. Improved Mobility: Hip replacements enhance the range of motion in the hip joint, providing patients with more natural movement and flexibility.
  3. Enhanced Quality of Life: Patients often experience a significant improvement in their overall quality of life as they regain the ability to engage in activities that were previously challenging or impossible due to hip pain.
  4. Accelerated Recovery: Hip replacement surgery typically results in quicker recovery times, with patients experiencing reduced pain and improved range of motion compared to their condition before the surgery.

In both cases, Dr. Nakul Karkare employs advanced surgical techniques and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the precise placement of implant components through smaller, tissue-sparing incisions. This approach helps minimize discomfort and expedite the recovery process. Dr. Karkare’s expertise in these procedures, combined with the individualized nature of custom implants, contributes to improved outcomes for patients seeking relief from knee and hip joint issues.

If you are experiencing joint pain, stiffness, swelling, or have suffered an injury, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Nakul Karkare’s Orthopedic Center. Their team of specialists is dedicated to helping you regain mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance your overall quality of life. Your well-being is their top priority, and they are here to guide you on your journey to improved orthopedic health.

About Amagansett

Amagansett, NY: A Charming Hamlet on Long Island

Amagansett, a picturesque hamlet located on the eastern end of Long Island, is a place where history, natural beauty, a thriving economy, and a warm community spirit come together to create a unique and inviting destination.


Amagansett’s history dates back to the early 17th century when it was inhabited by the Montaukett Native American tribe. In the mid-1600s, European colonists settled in the area, leaving an indelible mark on its culture and architecture. The name “Amagansett” has Native American origins, meaning “place of good water.” Today, Main Street stands as a testament to Amagansett’s commitment to preserving its historic charm, making it one of the best-preserved small villages in the United States


Amagansett’s economy is deeply rooted in agriculture and fishing. The area boasts a thriving fishing community known for its fresh catches, while local farms supply the community with fresh produce. In recent years, tourism has become a significant contributor to the local economy due to Amagansett’s scenic beauty and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean [^6^]. Upscale boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants have also emerged as economic drivers, attracting visitors and residents alike.


Amagansett is home to a tight-knit community of approximately 510 people, with a significant majority being U.S. citizens [^1^]. The demographics of the hamlet reflect a diverse mix of year-round residents and seasonal visitors, drawn by the area’s natural beauty and tranquility. This includes families, retirees, and individuals seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Amagansett’s natural beauty and welcoming atmosphere make it a sought-after tourist destination. The hamlet’s stunning beaches, such as Atlantic Avenue Beach and Indian Wells Beach, offer opportunities for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing. Nature enthusiasts can explore the Walking Dunes and Napeague State Park, experiencing the area’s unique ecology. Main Street is a hub for shoppers, featuring boutiques, art galleries, and cozy cafes. The Amagansett Farmers Market is a beloved local spot, offering fresh produce and artisanal products.

During the summer months, Amagansett hosts various events and festivals, celebrating its culture and history. The Amagansett Fine Arts Festival showcases local talent, while the annual Seafood Festival is a highlight for foodies.


Amagansett: A Coastal Paradise

Amagansett, nestled on the eastern end of Long Island, is not just a place; it’s an experience. With a history as deep as its oceans and a charm that captivates visitors, Amagansett offers a unique blend of culture, nature, and relaxation.

Beaches and Natural Beauty:

One of the hallmarks of Amagansett is its pristine coastline. Atlantic Avenue Beach and Indian Wells Beach are gems where you can swim in the Atlantic Ocean, surf the waves, or simply relax on the sandy shores. Nature lovers can explore the enchanting Walking Dunes, a unique natural wonder, and the nearby Napeague State Park. These locations provide a glimpse into the untouched beauty that defines Amagansett.

Main Street:

Amagansett’s Main Street is a delightful surprise for visitors. Lined with charming boutiques, art galleries showcasing local talent, and cozy cafes offering the finest in local cuisine, a stroll down Main Street is a must-do. The Amagansett Farmers Market, brimming with fresh produce and artisanal products, is a local favorite, offering a taste of the region’s agricultural heritage.

Cultural Festivals:

Summer in Amagansett is a season of celebration. The Amagansett Fine Arts Festival is a showcase of local artistry, bringing the community together through creativity. The annual Seafood Festival, a gastronomic delight, allows you to savor the finest seafood offerings while enjoying live music and entertainment.

A Warm Community:

Amagansett’s community is known for its warmth and friendliness. Whether you’re a year-round resident or a seasonal visitor, you’ll find a welcoming spirit that invites you to become a part of the fabric of the hamlet.

In conclusion, Amagansett, NY, is a coastal paradise that beckons with its natural beauty, cultural treasures, and a community that embraces all who visit. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply a break from the ordinary, Amagansett offers it all in a setting that is as unforgettable as it is inviting.



To get from Amagansett, NY to Complete Orthopedics at 105 Medford Ave Route 112, Suite A, Patchogue, NY 11772, you can follow these directions:

1. Head southwest on Montauk Hwy toward Atlantic Ave.
2. Turn left onto Atlantic Ave.
3. Continue onto Abrahams Landing Rd.
4. Turn left onto Napeague Meadow Rd.
5. Turn right onto NY-27 W (Montauk Hwy).
6. Continue on NY-27 W for approximately 23 miles.
7. Take exit 56 toward Patchogue.
8. Merge onto NY-112 N (Medford Ave).
9. Continue on NY-112 N for about 0.7 miles.
10. Complete Orthopedics will be on your left at 105 Medford Ave, Suite A, Patchogue, NY 11772.



Pharmacies, Radiology Centers, Hospitals, and Urgent Care Near Amagansett, NY

1. CVS Pharmacy
– Address: 38 Pantigo Rd, East Hampton, NY 11937

2. Montauk Corner Store
– Address: 533 Montauk Hwy, Amagansett, NY 11930

3. Park Place Chemists
– Address:200 Pantigo Pl, East Hampton, NY 11937


1. East Hampton Healthcare Center
– Address: 200 Pantigo Pl, East Hampton, NY 11937

Urgent Care:
1. Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care
– Address: 2044 Montauk Hwy, Bridgehampton, NY 11932

We take great pride in providing comprehensive orthopedic care to patients from various hospitals and urgent care centers in our community, including those mentioned earlier.

Whether you have a referral for orthopedic treatment or simply wish to consult with us for any orthopedic concerns, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated 24/7 team. We are here to assist you promptly and compassionately.

Many individuals visit urgent care centers and hospitals for worker compensation and no-fault insurance-related injuries. If your injury does not necessitate a hospital visit, we are pleased to provide professional orthopedic treatment tailored to such cases. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 631-981-2663 to schedule an appointment with us today. Your well-being is our priority.

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