Last week I had the privilege of performing minimally invasive hip surgery on a gentleman from Canada. Rather than me tell you about it, here’s the story in Mannys own words…

My name’s Manny and I’m from Canada. I’m here in the United States to have minimally invasive hip replacement surgery with Dr. Karkare. After looking at a number of different surgeons, Dr. Karkare was short listed, and I have the opportunity to send him an e-mail.

Within 45 minutes of sending that e-mail, he had called me and asked me what my symptoms were and indicated exactly what I would have to send him so that he could make a long-distance prognosis. Then he would let me know if he would be willing to take me on as a patient. My quality of life was reduced to almost nothing. I couldn’t perform any of the daily functions that a normal person could possibly do, and everything was very restrictive.

The reason I came to the United States to get the surgery done in the first place was because of the wait time in Canada it would be a year and a half. Where here, it took less than a month and the surgery was completed.

On the day of the surgery, I was still in the hospital and I was walking with a walker. The day after, I was walking with a little bit of assistance from a cane. One week after surgery, I’m walking pain free. I no longer have the limp, and the pain is completely gone. Other than what I was given in the hospital, I have not taken any pain medication since I’ve left the hospital.

Dr. Karkare is a … he’s a very, very kind, gentle man, but he expects that this is going to be a partnership between him the surgeon and me the patient. What he expects is that he will do his part picking the best materials and using the best procedure for me specifically, but after that I’m expected to do what he lists are the items that need to be done, the protocols, things to avoid, eating well, drinking lots of liquids, doing the exercises, walking.

This is, like I say, it’s a partnership and he does expect you to be plugged in 100%. The care was very affordable, and every step of the way was laid out so I knew exactly what everything was going go cost all the way until the very end.

I would recommend Dr. Karkare for any orthopedic surgery because of his bedside manner and because of his positive thinking and his willingness to put in the effort to make you a better person and be cured of whatever it is you have. I would definitely recommend him.

Because of the way Dr. Karkare does his surgery and interacts with patients, there are no surprises. You’re told upfront exactly what to expect, exactly how long things are going to take, so you are not surprised at any point. I’m extremely happy and pleased that I was able to connect with Dr. Karkare. He met all my expectations, and he has given me my life back.

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Dr. Nakul Karkare in scrubs

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