news12-logo-li_n12News 12 Long Island ran a featured story last week, featuring Dr. Karkare and a patient.

Here’s the video…

And here’s a transcription of the story…

Announcer: On the health beat, the number of people having joint replacement surgery at younger ages is on the rise. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, a growing number of people under the age of 65 are having a hip joint replacement surgery.

Doctors say more than seven million Americans are currently living with artificial knees and hips. They say that’s because there are new technology and better materials available today.

Dr. Karkare: You can do joint replacement surgery with a great amount of precision, which was not possible before better materials available now, which were not available before, so these joints last for a very long time in younger populations.

The other thing I want to focus on is that we want to make sure that younger patients remain active.

Daniel Rivera: Last year, I went to work, and went to get out of my vehicle to go to work and I couldn’t put the weight on my right hip.

Announcer: Daniel Rivera of Ridge had his hip replaced at the age of 44 and says he was back at his construction job within three months.

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