Patient is a 25 year old male who was referred to us by another orthopedic surgeon and came in with a previous patella fracture which was not healing properly. The patient was in severe pain and has had a previous surgery to try to correct this, which can be seen in the X-Rays shown below.

It was explained to the patient that the problem was that there was no compression for the fracture to heal. To treat this the patient was advised to have an Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) procedure, in which compression screws were inserted to unite the bone, allowing the fracture to properly heal with good alignment.

All options and alternatives, as well as any risks and benefits, were discussed at length with the patient. Patient had decided to proceed with the operation.

Open Reduction Internal Fixation 1

X-Rays show Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) of left tibia and patella performed at another institution

Open Reduction Internal Fixation 2

Intraoperative Fluoroscopic images of left knee show revision of hardware

Also seen are two vertical screws in the patella, lateral plate and transverse screws through the proximal tibia, and removal of pins and wire from the patella.

Patient had followed-up post-operatively and was pain free, weight bearing as tolerated, had good range of motion, and no infection. The fracture had healed well and the patient is doing well subsequently.

*Patient identifiers and dates changed to protect patient privacy.

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