New York State Medical Treatment Guidelines for Non-specific Inflammatory Markers for Screening for Inflammatory Disorders in workers compensation patients

The New York State Workers Compensation Board has formulated these guidelines to aid physicians, podiatrists, and other healthcare professionals in delivering suitable treatment for Non-specific Inflammatory Markers when screening for inflammatory disorders in patients with Complex Regional Pain

These guidelines serve as a tool to assist healthcare professionals in determining the appropriate level of care. However, they are not a replacement for clinical judgment or professional experience. The final decision regarding care should be a collaborative one, made by the patient in consultation with their healthcare provider.


Non-specific Inflammatory Markers for Screening for Inflammatory Disorders

It is recommended to use Non-specific Inflammatory Markers for Screening for Inflammatory Disorders, such as the glomerular filtration rate and other indicators of inflammation. This is especially crucial when assessing patients with unclear pain issues, particularly those who are undiagnosed or exhibit symptoms compatible with systemic rheumatological illnesses and have undergone inadequate examinations.

Additional tests, including those for rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibody level, and others, may be necessary based on the initial assessment. Even if another condition is identified through additional diagnostic testing, it is still advisable to conduct screening to ensure there are no other treatable contributing factors, especially if a satisfactory explanation for the symptoms is not provided.

Frequency/Dose/Duration: A single assessment is recommended, but if there is a significant change in symptoms, a second evaluation may be warranted. Additionally, it is sensible to repeat the test after a year or two, as initial testing can sometimes yield positive results over time.


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