General Guideline Principles for Oral Glucocorticosteroids for CRPS for workers compensation patients

The guidelines established by the New York State Workers Compensation Board are designed to assist physicians, podiatrists, and other healthcare professionals in delivering appropriate treatment involving Oral Glucocorticosteroids for patients with Complex Regional Pain within the workers’ compensation context.

These guidelines aim to support healthcare professionals in making informed decisions about the appropriate level of care. However, it’s crucial to note that these guidelines do not replace the valuable insights gained from clinical judgment and professional experience. The ultimate decision regarding care should be a collaborative one between the patient and their healthcare provider.


Oral Glucocorticosteroids for CRPS

Oral Glucocorticosteroids for CRPS are recommended for short-term treatment of CRPS.

Indications: It is advised for moderate to severe CRPS with symptoms that are inadequately managed using NSAIDs, aerobic exercise, and other vigorous workouts. At this stage, bisphosphonates are also considered a reasonable option. Some patients with mild CRPS may qualify, especially if there is a lack of improvement or worsening symptoms.

Frequency/Dose/Duration: One commonly used regimen involves Prednisolone 40mg orally every day for 14 days, followed by a tapering dose of 10 mg per week. Another regimen consists of prednisone 10mg orally three times a day for up to 12 weeks. There is no definitive evidence to suggest the superiority of one regimen over the other.

If there is significant improvement in objective findings and additional treatment is deemed necessary, it seems reasonable to continue treatment for an additional two months. Subsequent treatment should be individualized based on ongoing improvements, the absence of adverse effects, and later risk/benefit considerations regarding continued glucocorticosteroid treatment.


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