New York State Medical Treatment Guidelines for Non-Trauma Focused Psychotherapy in workers compensation patients

The guidelines provided by the New York State Workers Compensation Board present fundamental principles for Non-Trauma Focused Psychotherapy. These directives are intended to assist mental health professionals in identifying appropriate therapeutic approaches within the context of a comprehensive assessment.

Mental health professionals with expertise in Non-Trauma Focused Psychotherapy can rely on the guidance outlined by the Workers Compensation Board to make well-informed decisions about the most suitable therapeutic methods for their clients.

It is essential to emphasize that these guidelines are not meant to substitute clinical judgment or professional expertise. The ultimate decision regarding Non-Trauma Focused Psychotherapy should involve collaboration between the client and their mental health provider.


While there’s proof backing the effectiveness of therapies honing in on trauma for PTSD, not everyone is up for diving into treatments that shine a spotlight on their past traumas. Consequently, certain therapists opt for alternative approaches. For individuals grappling with PTSD, these alternative methods encompass Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), Stress Inoculation Training (SIT), and Present-Centered Therapy (PCT).


Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Suggested – for addressing chronic PTSD in patients. Conditions – Chronic PTSD with symptoms demanding attention. How often/How much/How long – Engage in weekly interpersonal psychotherapy for 14 weeks, each session lasting 50 minutes. Reevaluate every four weeks, ensuring effectiveness by documenting improved PTSD symptoms and functional progress. Ceasing the treatment is advised when the course is completed, symptoms have significantly subsided, or if there’s non-compliance.

Support for Interpersonal Therapy Effectiveness

Stress Inoculation Training – Recommended

Seeking Safety – Discouraged

 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – Not Recommended

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