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Dr. Nakul Karkare Orthopedic Excellence: Your Trusted Partner for Orthopedic Care in Commack, NY

Welcome to Dr Karkare Orthopedic Excellence, where we proudly serve as your premier orthopedic care provider, extending our exceptional services to the residents of Commack, NY.

While our primary location is situated in Stony Brook, NY, our commitment to delivering high-quality orthopedic care to the Commack community remains unwavering.

At Orthopedic Excellence, we prioritize your orthopedic well-being, and our mission is to be your trusted partner in achieving enhanced mobility, pain reduction, and an improved quality of life.

Here’s why you should consider Dr. Nakul Karkare Orthopedic Excellence:

Expert Orthopedic Care: Our team is composed of highly skilled orthopedic specialists with a deep dedication to delivering the highest level of care. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, we can effectively diagnose and treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions.

Personalized Treatment: We understand that each patient is unique, and our treatment plans are meticulously tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Your path to recovery is as individual as you are.

Convenient Access: While our primary location is in Stony Brook, our commitment to the Commack community ensures excellent orthopedic care is never far away. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to top-notch orthopedic services.

Your orthopedic health and overall well-being are our foremost concerns. Whether you’re contending with joint pain, sports-related injuries, fractures, or any other orthopedic issues, we are here to help you lead a fuller life.

If you’re seeking orthopedic care in Commack, NY, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We eagerly anticipate becoming your partner on the journey to a healthier and more active life.

About Dr. Nakul Karkare: Dr. Nakul Karkare is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a wealth of experience and expertise in providing exceptional orthopedic care.

Holding numerous certifications and a dedication to advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Karkare is committed to ensuring patients receive the highest standard of care, tailored to their unique needs.

His patient-centric approach and innovative solutions are at the forefront of orthopedic excellence, making him a trusted name in the field. When you choose Orthopedic Excellence, you are choosing Dr. Karkare’s expert guidance and personalized care to help you achieve optimal orthopedic health and well-being.


We are pleased to offer these comprehensive orthopedic services in Commack, NY:

1. Hip Replacement Surgery:

Purpose: Hip replacement surgery is recommended for individuals with hip joint damage caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or fractures. The objective is to alleviate pain, restore mobility, and enhance overall quality of life.

Procedure: There are two main types of hip replacements: total hip replacement (THR) and partial hip replacement (hemiarthroplasty). THR involves replacing both the hip joint’s ball and socket, while hemiarthroplasty replaces only the ball component.

Implants: Artificial hip joint components are typically crafted from materials like metal, plastic, or ceramic, chosen based on the patient’s age, activity level, and specific needs.

Recovery: Following surgery, patients undergo physical therapy to regain strength and mobility, leading to reduced pain and improved hip function.


2. Custom Knee Replacement:

Purpose: Custom knee replacement offers a personalized approach to knee arthroplasty, suitable for individuals with severe knee pain or joint damage unresponsive to conservative treatments.

Procedure: Advanced imaging and computer modeling assess the patient’s knee anatomy before surgery, allowing for the design of a custom-fit knee implant tailored to their unique anatomy.

Benefits: Custom knee replacements often result in improved alignment, stability, and reduced pain compared to standard knee replacements.

Recovery: The recovery process includes physical therapy to regain knee strength and range of motion, typically resulting in reduced pain and improved knee function.


About Commack, NY

Commack is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) situated in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. It largely aligns with the similarly named hamlet found within the towns of Huntington and Smithtown. According to the 2010 census, the population of this CDP was recorded at 36,124 residents.

The name “Commack” has its origins in the Secatogue Native American tribe, who inhabited the South Shore of Long Island between Copiague and Bayport.

The Secatogue referred to their northern territories, located in the center of the island, as “Winnecomac,” which translates to “pleasant lands.” This name likely stemmed from the region’s flat terrain, fertile soil, and dense oak forests teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Commack, originally spelled as “Comac,” has had fertile soil from its early days, making it well-suited for agriculture.

Commack is a suburban area, and, much like many unincorporated communities on Long Island, it lacks a walkable downtown area or a traditional “Main Street.”



Based on the 2010 census data, the population of the CDP stood at 36,124 individuals, residing in 11,907 households, with 9,895 families calling it home.

The population density was approximately 3,010.3 people per square mile (1,162.3/km2), with a total of 12,138 housing units at an average density of about 1,011.5 per square mile (390.5/km2).

The racial composition of the CDP was predominantly White, accounting for 91.6%, with smaller percentages of African American (0.9%), Native American or Alaska Native (0.1%), Asian (5.4%), individuals from other races (0.8%), and those identifying with two or more races (1.2%). Additionally, 4.8% of the population identified as Hispanic or Latino.

The population in the CDP was distributed across various age groups, with 26.0% under the age of 18, 6.2% between 18 and 24, 21.5% between 25 and 44, 29.5% between 45 and 64, and 16.8% aged 65 years or older.

The median age for the population was 43.0 years. In terms of gender distribution, there were approximately 94.1 males for every 100 females overall, and among individuals aged 18 and over, there were 90.6 males for every 100 females.

According to Census Bureau estimates spanning from 2009 to 2011, the median household income in the CDP was $102,008, while the median income for families was $114,866. Males had a higher median income at $83,135 compared to females, who had a median income of $63,185.

The per capita income for the CDP was recorded at $40,320. Approximately 2.1% of families and 2.9% of the total population were living below the poverty line, including 1.7% of those under 18 and 5.0% of those aged 65 or over.



Commack, a charming hamlet in Suffolk County, Long Island, offers a tranquil and inviting atmosphere for tourists looking to explore the beauty of this region. While not a typical tourist hotspot, Commack boasts several attractions and activities that make it an appealing destination for visitors:

Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve: Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the serene surroundings of Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve. This expansive park offers miles of scenic trails through woodlands, meadows, and along the shoreline. It’s an excellent spot for hiking, birdwatching, picnicking, and enjoying the natural beauty of Long Island.

Shopping and Dining: Commack offers a variety of shopping opportunities, including local boutiques and larger retail centers. After a day of shopping, visitors can savor a diverse range of cuisines at the area’s restaurants, from casual eateries to upscale dining experiences.

Local History:Explore the history of the area by visiting historical sites and landmarks. Commack’s history is deeply intertwined with Long Island’s past, and there are places of historical significance that can provide insights into the region’s development.

Outdoor Recreation: Commack’s parks and outdoor spaces provide excellent venues for recreational activities such as picnicking, sports, and family outings. These green spaces offer a chance to relax and unwind in a peaceful setting.

Community Events:Check the local event calendar for community gatherings, fairs, and festivals. These events often showcase the vibrant local culture and provide opportunities to engage with the friendly residents of Commack.

Proximity to Long Island Attractions:Commack’s central location on Long Island makes it a convenient base for exploring other nearby attractions. Visitors can easily access popular destinations such as the North Shore’s Gold Coast mansions, beautiful beaches, and cultural institutions.

Bed and Breakfasts:Commack offers a few charming bed and breakfast establishments, providing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for tourists looking to extend their stay and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Art and Culture: While Commack itself may not have a bustling arts scene, it’s within reach of Long Island’s cultural hubs. Travelers interested in art, music, and theater can explore venues and events in neighboring towns.

While Commack may not be the most famous tourist destination on Long Island, its natural beauty, historic sites, and welcoming community make it a delightful place for those seeking a peaceful and leisurely getaway. Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures, exploring local history, or simply enjoying the laid-back ambiance, Commack, NY, has something to offer every traveler.


Radiology centers near Commack, NY:

  1. Zwanger Pesiri Radiology – Commack: Located at 763 Larkfield Road, Commack, NY, 11725. They offer a range of services including 3D mammography, 3T wide-bore MRI, CT, ultrasound, breast ultrasound, X-ray, and DEXA bone densitometry. They are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. You can reach them at (631) 444-5544
  2. Stony Brook Advanced Specialty Care – Imaging: Located at 500 Commack Rd Ste 101, Commack, NY, 11725. They provide on-site imaging services at an enhanced level of convenience. Walk-ins for x-rays with a doctor’s referral/prescription are welcome. They are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can reach them at (631) 638-2600
  3. St. Catherine of Siena Diagnostic Imaging: Located at 500 Commack Road, Commack, NY 11725. They offer a range of diagnostic imaging services including X-rays and ultrasounds. You can reach them at (934) 223-71713.
  4. Commack Radiology: Located at 763 Larkfield Road, Commack, NY 11725. They offer a range of services including MRI, CT scan, ultrasound and X-ray. You can reach them at (631) 486-8855
  5. North Shore Radiology Associates: Located at 500 Commack Rd Ste 103, Commack, NY 11725. They offer a range of services including MRI, CT scan, ultrasound and X-ray. You can reach them at (631) 864-6000


Pharmacies near Commack, NY:

  1. Walgreens: Located at 5001 Jericho Tpke, Commack, NY, 11725. They offer a range of services including prescription refills, health and beauty products, and photo printing. They are open every day from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You can reach them at (631) 858-0408
  2. Long Island Apothecary Pharmacy: Located at 6216 Jericho Tpke, Commack, NY, 11725. They offer prescription medication delivery services and a range of health and wellness products. They are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM and on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. You can reach them at (631) 486-9172
  3. Rite Aid: Located at 126-128 Jericho Tpke, Commack, NY, 11725. They offer a range of services including prescription refills, health and wellness products, and photo printing. They are open every day from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You can reach them at (631) 543-0079



Here are the directions from Commack, NY to Complete Orthopedics located at 2500 Nesconset Hwy, Building 10D, Stony Brook, NY 11790:

  1. Head east on Jericho Turnpike toward Veterans Memorial Hwy
  2. Turn right onto Veterans Memorial Hwy
  3. Use the left lane to take the ramp onto Northern State Pkwy
  4. Merge onto Northern State Pkwy
  5. Take exit 41N for NY-106 N/NY-107 N toward Oyster Bay/Hicksville
  6. Merge onto NY-106 N/NY-107 N/New York Ave
  7. Turn right onto Old Country Rd
  8. Turn left onto Gibbs Pond Rd
  9. Turn right onto NY-347 E/Nesconset Hwy
  10. Turn left onto Stony Brook Rd
  11. Turn right onto Technology Dr
  12. Turn left onto Nesconset Hwy

You will find Complete Orthopedics on your right.


Hospitals and urgent care centers near Commack,NY

Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care 98 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY 11725
Catholic Health Ambulatory Care at Commack 500 Commack Rd Suite 150 D, Commack, NY 11725
St. Catherine of Siena Hospital  50 NY-25A, Smithtown, NY 11787

We take immense pride in delivering comprehensive orthopedic care to patients from various healthcare facilities within our community, including those mentioned earlier.

Whether you have a referral for orthopedic treatment or simply wish to consult with us for any orthopedic concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated 24/7 team. We are here to provide you with swift and compassionate assistance.

Many individuals visit urgent care centers and hospitals due to work-related injuries covered by worker’s compensation and no-fault insurance. If your injury does not require a hospital visit, we are pleased to offer specialized orthopedic treatment tailored to such cases. Please feel free to contact us at 631-981-2663 to schedule an appointment with us today. Your well-being remains our highest priority.

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