Lt. William Butler is a FDNY firefighter who survived the horror and destruction of 9/11 developed early onset arthritis.

After years of deterioration Bill needed bilateral hip replacement surgery which was recently done by NYC orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Nakul Karkare. Bill is now doing well after his double hip replacement.

Dr. Karkare's patient Bill, in his NYFD uniformBill was on duty on 9/11. His FDNY unit responded to the first explosion at the World Trade Center and was in the North tower when the second plane hit the South tower.

“The South tower collapsed as the firefighters were starting to bring people down, then the North tower collapsed as well,” he says. Bill says that he and other firefighters were trapped for 5 hours before being rescued. Their dramatic story was covered in the TV story “The Miracle Of Ladder Company 6”.

Bill says his early onset arthritis could be the result of or partially caused by contamination caused by the disaster. Analysis of the contaminants released by the 9/11 terrorist attack have shown many dangerous substances present in the surrounding air and remains of the towers. Bill is still on duty at the FDNY, serving in other capacities.

Lt. William Butler Received the FDNY’s John H. Prentice Medal

Statistics provided by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality show that more than 350,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed nationwide each year.

“People who are experiencing hip pain need to learn about all their treatment options,” says Dr. Karkare, who specializes in limb reconstruction & joint replacement surgery.

“I consider patients for joint replacement surgery only after all non-surgical approaches are exhausted in relieving joint pain,” he says.Dr. Karkare in a suit, looking at X-rays

“People with chronic hip pain often suffer significant pain and disability that can interfere with routine activities of daily living. While medication and physical therapy may help in some mild cases of hip pain, moderate to severe cases typically require joint replacement surgery to achieve relief from pain and improve mobility and function of the joint.”

For more information on minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery, robotic surgery and more visit and call the office of Dr. Nakul Karkare at 516-735-4032.

Dr. Nakul V. Karkare is an orthopaedic surgeon highly specialized in limb reconstruction and joint replacement surgery. He has operating privileges at Lenox Hill Hospital, Winthrop Hospital, St Charles Hospital, St. Catherine Hospital, Mather Hospital, Syosett Hospital, and Peconic Bay Medical Center. Dr. Karkare also serves on an FDA advisory board, under the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Device Panel and operates multiple clinics throughout Long Island and New York City.

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Dr. Nakul Karkare in scrubs

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